Our Story

Movement is not like your traditional corporate gym. We’re a proud independent local Winnipeg gym, going 5 years strong, with a mix of members and private training clients. Check out our judgement-free training environment that caters to different training styles.

We help our clients and members succeed.

Don’t let yourself be held back for another workout. Contact us now and join the movement.

The staff at Movement are wonderful and very helpful. Movement has all the equipment we need to train for powerlifting. The location is so close to home and brining the kids makes training so much easier knowing they're welcome there.
-Nhan & Jessa
Nice looking gym. Staff seemed chill. I took a class called weapon factory there. The coach was knowledgeable and a good guy. Will be back to try out that class. Lots of power lifters and what seems to be a kickboxing area as well. A mix of a lot of different crowds with different abilities.
Great staff and great place to get a workout in. Plenty of room and equipment to complete your workouts. Great hours and all friendly members!