We all know that we need exercise to stay healthy, but sometimes it’s hard when you’re unsure of what to do in the gym.

Now you can get access to a certified trainer who will be available to answer all of your workout questions, so that you can have an effective and safe workout without breaking the bank.

Are you okay working out without a trainer watching over your whole workout, but still want someone available to answer any questions during a session?

Are you looking for an alternative to paying a premium for personal training, but still want the help and support of a trainer?

Are you comfortable working out on your own, but still want custom workouts created for you based on your goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading!

Accessible Training Sessions

Introducing: Accessible Training Sessions. Accessible Training Sessions at Movement are a great middle ground between memberships, training plans, and personal training sessions.

If you sign up for Accessible Training Sessions, you’ll meet with me, Cody Dietrich, CSEP-CEP, B. Kin. As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, I’ll assess your exercise needs and create a custom workout plan just for you.

Once you have your training plan, you gain full access to Movement during regular hours. You also gain access to me weekdays 8am-5pm and Sundays 12-3pm. During those set times I will be on the gym floor ready to assist you and make sure you perform exercises properly, so you can get the most out of your session while reducing risk of injury. Outside of those times I’m available by appointment or through e-mail.

Need a demo of an exercise? Done.

Need a reminder on certain cues for an exercise? Not a problem.

Don’t understand part of your workout plan? Ask for clarification at any time.

Can’t make it during the designated times? Send me an email with any questions. I will respond quickly.

Reach a point where you’re ready to change up your routine? Let me know and the plan will be updated!

The best part about this? You receive as much as attention as you need, when you need without paying the full cost of private training, custom workouts plans and a gym membership. For one monthly fee, receive all the above at a discounted rate.

What is the cost?

$125 / month when you commit to 12 months
$150 / month when you commit to 6 months
$175 / month when you commit to 3 months
$200 / month with no monthly commitment

Promotional Special

The first 5 people to sign up will receive 25% OFF Accessible Training Sessions

3 of 5 spots already claimed.

If you would like to learn more about how Accessible Training Sessions can help with your health please enter your info below and I will reach out.

If you prefer to talk on the phone my number is 204-918-2231

Cody Dietrich, CSEP-CEP, B. Kin
Owner / Exercise Physiologist

As a CEP, Cody’s primary focuses are in athletic development and fat loss. He is also well-versed in rehabilitation training for athletes and working with special populations who have specialized health needs, including arthritis, osteoporosis, COPD, PAD, and cancer.