Cody Dietrich, CSEP-CEP, B. Kin
Owner / Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Cody is the head trainer and owner of Movement Fitness and Performance, which is located in central winnipeg.

As a current athlete competing in the sport of powerlifting, Cody prides himself on living an active and healthy lifestyle. He is constantly working on improving all aspects of his health, including strength, conditioning, mobility, flexibility and his nutrition. Cody has competed on many levels, recently representing Team Manitoba at the Canadian Powerlifting Union Nationals.

As a CEP, Cody’s primary focuses are in athletic development and fat loss. He is also well-versed in rehabilitation training for athletes and working with those who have specialized health needs.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Phone: 1 (204) 918-2231



Work one-on-one with Cody to hit your fitness goals.

No commitment:

  • $75/session for a 1 hour session ($50/per person if semi-private session)
  • $50/session for a half hour session ($35/per person if semi-private session)

Minimum 2 session per week:

  • $50/session for a 1 hour session ($35/per person if semi-private session)
  • $35/session for a half hour session ($25/per person if semi-private session)

Flat Rate: $500/month ($350/per person if semi-private session)

  • Max 3 sessions per week
  • Any missed sessions are non refundable
  • long term you save money while balancing your monthly payments
    • 3x a week averages out to you receiving 2+ free sessions per month

Save money while staying accountable by committing to biweekly payment plans.


Custom workouts based on YOUR personal needs. You will only be given exercises that will benefit you. No pre-made workout plans designed for multiple people to use. Rather each and every month you will get a plan catered to your own goals and needs.

Workout plans provide you complete exercises, reps, sets, exercise breakdown, as well as a full description of how to perform the exercises properly.

You will be able to communicate with me directly through text or email. Weekly check-ins are to ensure you feel comfortable, are confident in what you’re doing and clarify any unclear details of the plan.

Pricing for program plans will be:

  • $150/month – weekly updates; adjustments occur based on your feedback
    • Add in as many check-in sessions as you would like for only $50 per session; no minimums.

No Contracts

The program plans will be month-to-month with no long term contracts, however I will need to be notified 2 weeks 

before the next program starts.


Membership Optional

If you wish to follow your program at Movement Fitness and Performance, discounted client membership options are available; key fob required.